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hoverpod I love weird and wonderful gadget toys so this one really appeals to me. It’s a funky hover toy that have going for a mere £12.99 including delivery. That’s £12 less than the original retail price of £24.99.

The Flytech Hoverpod has a two-channel remote control that you can use to manoeuvre it over most smooth surfaces. You can even build obstacle courses and get it to swoop and dive over the obstacles of your choice.

If you get two of them, you can race them using the dual band controls, or possibly chase each other around the house. These doodads are truly weird and wonderful, certainly something that both parents and kids can enjoy playing with.hoverpod2

The tail rudder gives you directional control so you can direct your Hoverpod around the room. Each charge gives you anything from five to ten minutes of play and it is only suitable for indoor use. Not ideal for teeny tiny apartments then...

If you’re looking for a funky gift that will have kids oooohing with excitement then this chap is a very good bet.

Thanks to millarcat at HUKD!

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