Floppets Petlets Review

Just as you were wondering if it was safe to get your wallet out again, along comes something else looking to suck up any excess disposable income you might have.

Floppets Petlets are the latest little cute decorative collectible that are priced just right for little girls to spend their pocket money on. And they are pretty cute. We got a couple in to look at, the lion and the puppy. But there are lots of animals including dolphins, frogs, tortoises, parrots, and pandas, and more.

Floppets can be attached to flip flops, fingers, wrists, necklaces, pencils, shoe laces, back packs and just about anything else you can think of. How good are they really? Well read on to find out more.

Although they come in pinkish, purplish packaging, and are clearly marketed at girls, that doesn't mean they are only going to appeal to girls. The lion petlet went on my son's bookbag straight away. He'd have nabbed the puppy too if I hadn't been quick enough. I wanted to see how a little girl might use it.

Floppet Petlets have an RRP of £1.99 each, and you can buy them from outlets such as Amazon. On the Amazon site, you won't know which one you'll get, just one of the 12 available.

It was the last week of school so the petlet only did three days of school duty. This can be tough on bag mascots, as the state of the smurfs on my son's bag can testify.

The back of each petlet has a velco fastener. This doen't look that tough to be honest, and I couldn't see how it was going to hold up to being bashed about in the playground before and after school, not to mention the rough treatment the bags get in the cloakroom. It is an amazingly tough velcro design though. Just try pulling it apart! It won't budge.

The lion made it through safe and sound, and went back to school with my son this week.

The puppy found life a bit more exciting. My friend's daughter wore it on her hairband, and on various items of clothing. The most popular location though was on the laceups on her trainers.

These little doohickeys are made of a sort of rubber, and are made in China. To be honest my heart sinks at the sight of them. There seems to be so many of these little things for girls to wear, and ultimately it all seems like more landfill. How many years worth of tuition at university would we have if we saved all the 'pocket money' our kids spend on things like this instead?

Of course no collectible is complete without a backstory. And here's what the story is for the petlets. Floppets like to cling to most anything, especially with other Floppets. They prefer to be close to you, however, as long as they are holding on to something safe, they are usually OK with holding on to other things.

Cool miniature animal pets, many live with the Woodlets & Fairwees and others roam around Floptopia - the Petlets were miniaturized by the Munchkin Monsters super shrink-ray when a Circus Boat full of animals got stranded on Floptopia after the human crew abandoned ship during a storm.

The Fairwees convinced the Munchkin Monsters to miniaturize the animals in order to allow them to live harmoniously on Floptopia.

So now you know!

Pros: cute, sturdy, velcro fastener seem really tough

Cons: cartoonish, a bit plasticky looking, just more clutter

Overall verdict: 6/10



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