Fisher-Price Waybuloo Peek 'n' Pull Lau Lau £12.99 @ Amazon

Fisher-Price Waybuloo Peek 'n' Pull Lau Lau £12.99 @ Amazon

laulauIf you've never seen Waybuloo then you're missing an absolute little gem of a programme.  It's cute, it's calm, it's gentle and my youngest LOVES it.

All three of my children have their own Waybuloo alter ego - assigned to them by the youngest who fell in love with everything about the programme from the day it aired on cBeebies.

My 15 year old boy is Nok Tok: practical and inventive, he’s happiest when he’s making things - this is very true.  My 14-year-old girl is Lau-Lau: creative and thrives when she’s dancing or painting - this is, again, very true.  And the 'baby'...well, he's Yojojo of course: full of fun, he’s mischievous and loves surprises, this is ALSO true - what insightful choices he made.

And that's part of what Waybuloo is all about; your child will be taken on a magical journey of emotional exploration and, with the help of Lau-Lau and Co, will learn about friendship, cooperation and relationships.

waybuloo_signpostThis lovely Lau-Lau will play 'peeka' with you - she says her favourite Waybuloo phrases, sings her own melody and when you press her tummy her ears come over and cover her eyes.

She really is almost too cute to resist especially as she used to be £26.99 but is now less than half price and all yours, including delivery from Amazon, for £12.99!

Thanks to parrotmad over at HUKD!


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