Fisher Price Pink Activity Centre £9.99 @

Fisher Price Pink Activity Centre £9.99 @

pinkActivity centres can actually be one of the best buys a parent can make. They keep babies entertained for hours, they are easy to pack away and they can often have the sound muted so you don’t go mad. This particular pink activity centre is down from £19.99 to only £9.99 at

The device is designed to attach to a cot with adjustable straps and also has a carry handle for take along play. There are plenty of sounds and movement to keep baby entertained and learning and is ideal for babies aged three months and up.

The centre includes spinning wheels on the bottom and side. Press buttons to make noises or different movements, a dialling ring (like those old phones) and a mirror.  Baby should find plenty of fun with all these different bits and pieces.

Thanks to babyblue at HUKD!


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  • Catherine
    A lovely activity centre, rather like a modern-day version of the one I had myself in the early 1980s. But why, why, why have these manufacturers started making gender-specific toys. I DO have a girl but am not keen on this sickly-pink plastic affair. What was wrong with the more traditional "white-with-primary-colour-accents" style of baby toy that is suitable for either sex?
    • Tamsin O.
      Oh Catherine I SO agree with you! I am completely against gender typing toys. It's funny, my daughter has gone completely into pink all by herself so I guess I just didn't even think twice when I found this product. Her room was done in green and lemon and has gruffalo's on the walls and yet she still only wears pink. Sigh.