Fisher Price Musical Lion Baby Walker £17.50 @ Tesco Direct

Fisher Price Musical Lion Baby Walker £17.50

After a Christmas present for a baby? The Fisher Price Musical Lion Baby Walker is ideal. Tesco Direct have it reduced from £35 to just £17.50 at the moment. Mothercare are selling it for £29.99 so this is a steal!

The Fisher Price Musical Lion Baby Walker for babies from 6 months old to about three years old.

There are 8 different activities with lights, sounds and music to keep little one's attention.

It is a walker, so can act as an aid for those that are just learning to be on their feet. With the four wheel base it'll stop your tot from tipping over.

You can Click and Collect the Fisher Price Musical Lion Baby Walker for FREE from a Tesco store near you or pay £3 to have it delivered to your front door.

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  • Ann M.

    I got one of these yesterday :grinning:

  • Ashleigh T.

    I'm going for this x

  • Suzan H.

    Thats reaaaal cute!!!

  • Saffron H.

    Thank Hun I will have a look x

  • Kate L.

    Thank you will keep an eye out x

  • Katie B.

    Ordered thus for my little bab, taking there time to dispatch it

  • Kimberly C.

    Good price!xx

  • Sam M.

    Got one ordered lol.

  • Laura G.

    I'll defo need to get Minnie Mouse :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: xx

  • Laura G.

    Omg the prep machine :raised_hands_tone3::raised_hands_tone3: how did people feed wanes before it was invented lmao xx

  • Hollie S.

    That's it ordered. My Xmas shopping has started lol xx

  • Danielle-Laura R.

    Might ask if I can get my nephew it for xmas though as that deal is awesome

  • Julie L.

    Thank you. Purchased. :heartpulse::heart_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes: ly xxxxxx

  • Ceri G.

    Looks good doesn't it xxx

  • Darbrace F.

    Thanks so much! Just ordered one for his birthday!

  • Naomi H.

    Thank you :) x

  • Darbrace F.

    Thanks babes just ordered one! Such a bargain! Xxx

  • Kayleigh B.

    Already got him something to help him walk. A miss all the good bargains :rage::joy: xxx

  • Kirsty H.

    Got that one

  • Lisa R.

    I seen this earlier il have to go get it so good for the price X

  • Emma H.

    Looks fab! Will have a look, thanks x

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