Fifi And The Flowertots Kitchen Roleplay Set £27.82 @ Amazon

fifisiz Roleplaying is excellent for kids. It builds confidence, leads to the ability to do creative problem solving later in life, boosts creativity and, most importantly, offers hours of fun. This kitchen set is down from £69.99 at Amazon making it a really good deal indeed.

When I was choosing a kitchen kit for my daughter I saw this one and it was a little out of my price range. It’s such a pity I wasn’t look now, because this has lots of fabulous goodies included and actually had me going, “ooh, cool”.

The oven comes with loads of play accessories including a magic cake tray where the cakes magically rise, just like real cakes. The kitchen has a real working timer, a frying pan and saucepan that sizzle and bubble when placfifisiz2ed on the hob and tons more. It also includes over 30 extras like eggs, carrots, mushrooms, plates, a rolling pin, cookie cutters and more.

It’s guaranteed to dish up hours of happy fun and parents can add to the kit with some of the extras on Amazon, like the Fifi and the Flowertots picnic party set with a talking teapot (cool!).

Thanks to Haylhoo at HUKD!

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