Extra 20% Off With Codes @ ELC

Untitled Updated to add : it looks like it's the 20% birthday codes that will stack with the 20% automatic deduction. Got one of these? Let us know how you get on!

There's some pretty fabulous code stacking going on at ELC right now where you can potentially save a packet - if it works for you.

ELC sent an email out to their customer base earlier this evening with a unique 20% off code. If you head to the website and choose an item, however, and add it to your basket, selected toys actually have an automatic 20% off applied. Now, some people over on HUKD are saying that after receiving that discount, they also applied their unique code and received another 20% off. I tried it with a unique code that someone else emailed me, and it didn't work for me.

It's possible that the unique code is tied to your account, so it will only work for the person it was sent to - I don't know if the system is that smart really, but someone else's unused unique code didn't work for me.

The original 20% off that was applied at the checkout however, still did.

Now remember, this works on sale items too, so I put the £160 Manor House which is reduced to £80 in my basket, and at checkout it came up as £64 with free delivery.

I wouldn't recommend the Mothercare app with the £10 off a £50 spend for this one, however, since the extra 20% isn't coming up (for me!) on the Mothercare app, so you'd end up paying £70 for it.

My advice is to head over to ELC and select all the toys you want, then check your basket for those that received the extra 20% off, because considering that's already on top off the up to 50% off, that's a pretty good deal. If you are the recipient of a unique code, add that, and with any luck, you'll get an extra 20% off on top.

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