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school2 There's something about the thought of living in trees that seems to appeal to our imaginations and tree-house toys, such this, are timeless as a result.

Did you have one of those big plastic tree-house toys as a kid?  You know, the one that used to open up and reveal the house inside, had a slide down the middle of the trunk and the swing on the side!  My friend Rachel had one and I loved it.  I also REALLY loved playing schools - lining up all my teddies, teaching them the alphabet and writing on my blackboard.

So combine trees with school and you have something that will allow your child's imagination to run riot.  This tree-house school is just brilliant and your child will have a ball playing with Mrs Squirrel the teacher and her four dilidgent students.

school1There are three floors within the tree, doors and windows that open, a slide on one side and a swing on the other.  There's a blackboard for Mrs Squirrel, desks for the pupils and also boasts a school bell and children's laughter sounds.

Standard delivery applies unless you spend over £65 before 15 Feb' which would then qualify you for free delivery.

Thanks to tinkpink over at HUKD!

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