Dusty The Garbage Truck £34.97 @ Asda George

Dusty The Garbage Truck £34.97 @ Asda George

You know what I hate? All those little bits of LEGO and other tiny toys that the kids leave around on their Bedroom Floor. You know what I mean? The one's that nearly cripple you when you trod on them. Well here's a toy to solve the problem - Dusty The Garbage Truck. Asda George have it for just £34.97, whereas most other places are wanting £40-£45 for it.

The Dusty The Garbage Truck is freakin' awesome! Why? It encourages children to clean up their rooms after tipping out that box of LEGO or other junk.

It works on carpet, as well as hard floors and will pick up toy cars, LEGO and other small toys (up to 2" long). Seriously, whoever invented this is a genius.

The kids will love the fact it's like a Bin Lorry, and will pick up as they drive it along the floor. As well as that, it has over 50 phrases, with lights and sounds too.

You can Click and Collect the Dusty The Garbage Truck for FREE from an Asda store near you or pay £2.95 to have it delivered to your front door.


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  • Annabelle T.

    Lucas needs one to clean up his Lego :joy::joy::joy:

    • Sarah L.

      I have literally just been talking about one of these I’m going for the cheaper option and just buying him a 99p dust pan and brush x

      • Annabelle T.

        Your so mean! :joy::joy: xx

      • Wendy C.

        I need 10 of them for Sayyids :joy:

        • Stacey P.

          I jus need a real life garbage truck for all their toys :joy::joy:

          • Shannon C.

            Great invention for when the boys are allowed Lego! Lol :joy:

            • Fiona L.

              Corey will want to keep making a mess :joy::joy: x

              • Jemma S.

                OMG Finley so needs one of those x

                • Jemma S.

                  was supposed to comment on your comment :see_no_evil: x

                  • Jenny R.

                    Thought you'd like that!! Ha! x

                    • Jemma S.

                      Will defo be getting that for Christmas :thumbsup_tone1: will save him a few hours a day cleaning it up before bed haha! X

                      • Jenny R.


                      • Hayley H.

                        Such a good idea. Although Henry would throw his Lego round on purpose lol xx

                        • Emma J.

                          Would make it easier to clean up lol

                          • Susan H.

                            Novel it might be but my grandchildren use a broom and dustpan and brush to clean up their Lego when they visit us. Children power lot cheaper than novelty :wink:

                            • Lex H.

                              I never thought about a little dustpan and brush x

                            • Tara P.

                              I have one of them for adults... it's called a vac only way I can get him picking his Lego up x

                              • Santina C.

                                This is literally the best invention ever :ok_hand_tone1:

                                • Adam W.

                                  Good idea but also bad cos he would want to keep tipping it out just to clean it up lol ha ha ha xxx

                                  • Donna M.

                                    I just use the hoover lol x

                                    • Gemma J.

                                      He'd be tipping the lego out on purpose all the time just to use this :joy::joy: xx