Drumond Park Chuckle Brothers Jokes & Gags £3.99 @ Mail Order Express

Kids love playing jokes, and they seem to start quite young. Things that make farty noises have cracked my son up since he was a baby! This set would make quite a good gift, or you could tuck it away for the holidays as a bit of a different sort of activity if needed. Mail Order Express has reduced the Drumond Park Chuckle Brothers Jokes & Gags set from £9.99 to £3.99. Standard delivery on the site is £1.99 in the UK.

I was at a magic show recently for a PTA fundraiser, and the kids just loved all these sorts of things. Pocket money was being handed over left right and centre! Especially the squirty camera (we've got one in our house now) and the pencil through the nail thing. Whoopee cushions always go down well it seems with boys of all ages (not mentioning anyone specific, she said glaring at her husband).

In this set you get:

  • funny glasses
  • whoopee cushion
  • fake gum
  • snappy gum
  • nail through head
  • trick squirting camera
  • pencil through finger
  • and a Chuckle Brothers sound module

I don't know what snappy gum is either and it doesn't say on the website. So if you do get this set please let me know!

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