Dragon’s Egg £8.43 @ Amazon

Dragon’s Egg £8.43 @ Amazon

dragonSometimes, when I see how many awesome things kids can play with today, I wish I was young again. This particular toy really sparked my imagination and made me long for a sunny afternoon playing castles and fiery doom in my room. Sigh. Down from £12.99 to £8.43 and including free delivery, this is a fab toy for the older child that likes dragons.

The book’s premise is that your application to become the guardian of a real baby dragon has been approved and you must now help this little one grow and become strong before releasing him (or her) into the wild.

You get the funky story that comes with your dragon’s egg and, of course, a dragon’s egg that contains your very own fire breathing friend (or fiend). Offering up hours of sizzling fun and adventures, this kit includes the book and four other dragon2extras that will help you to raise your baby dragon.

Soon you’ll be soaring the skies together, seeking out the bad guys, breathing fire upon them and saving the world! Yeah!

Thanks to LauraN at HUKD!


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