Doll’s House £35 @ ASDA

Doll’s House £35 @ ASDA


Fancy getting your child a doll’s house for their birthday this year? Astounded by how expensive they can be and wondering how on Earth you can justify the expense? Well, never fear, for ASDA is here and they’ve marked this enormous house down from a hefty £75 to a lovely £35.

This classic wooden doll’s house was for sale at £75 so you are saving a tasty £40 off this original retail price. You can arrange to reserve and collect instore to avoid the £4.95 delivery charges too!

The doll house isn’t very pretty in terms of colours but you can easily repaint it if you happen to be one of those lucky artistic humans. It has two floors and an attic and opens up fully from the front as per most doll houses. You don’t get any accessories with it, though, so be prepared to spend more on furnishings.

According to some of the customer reviews it does require quite a bit of assembly and may need more than one person to help with the fiddly bits. I know that there was quite a bit of muttering and swearing when I built my daughter’s one! This is a great deal on a truly cute house.

Thanks to shadow1 at HUKD!


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