Disney Cars Truck & Trailer Assortment £6.48 @ Tesco Direct

Disney Cars Tesco Direct has these Disney Cars truck & trailer assortment on half price sale, down from £12.97 to £6.48. Which is fabulous news for anyone with a Cars enthusiast in the house. It looks like there are 11 trucks to choose from, and each one will hold a die-cast car from the series.

There's only one problem that I can see. I have not been able to work out how you can select which truck and trailer you want. There's no point in just going for a random choice.

What I actually want to do is buy two, the one for Chick Hicks, and the one for The King. As my son pointed out, we already have the Mack one for Lightning McQueen (although to be more accurate we already have four of them in various incarnations).

But if I take pot luck I could end up with two of the same! Or two that I don't want. I'm going to see if I can get hold of anyone at Tesco to find out how to be more selective later on, but in the meantime if anyone else has an answer for this then please DO post here!

According to the blurb on the site, these are a great way to transport your Cars race teams.

The side opens up and a ramp folds out so you can drive a car on to the truck ready for transportation. Each trailer opens in a unique way and has enough space to hold a die-cast vehicle. Various colours supplied - collect all 11 characters! Suitable for age range 3yrs plus.

Thanks to hayihoo at HUKD!

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