Dalek Electronic Voice Changer Mask £10 @ Hamleys

1 July 2010


Exterminate! Exterminate! No, this is not my witty intro that is what my daughter was saying to me the other day while pretending to be a Dalek. I was allocated the role of Doctor Who and I was expected to fall over and die, repeatedly. This mask is awesome for all kids who love that very game and it is down to only £10 at Hamleys from the original price of £26.80.

The worst enemy of our wonderful Doctor, the Daleks are a hideous (yea, have you seen them without their suits, urgh!) mutant race genetically engineered to be devoid of all emotions except hate. They are the ultimate, relentless foe.

They are also hugely entertaining and have toilet plungers on their heads. No, no matter how many times I see the plunger do scary things it still makes me laugh.

The voice changer mask features the famous eyestalk and three different activation buttons to make you sound just like a Dalek. With exfoliate-dalekthe first button you can hear classic Dalek phrases, with the second you get the exterminator sound effect, and the third will change your voice.

Like most voice changing masks, the voice changer isn’t that great if I am honest. However, most kids won’t be as judgmental as I am and will happily enjoy their toy for hours. Sorry about the joke pic, I just couldn't resist...

Thanks to amibees at HUKD!

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