Create Your Own Plate Design Markers £4.79 @ Amazon

Amazon are offering 20% off a Great Gizmos ‘Create Your Own’ Plate Design kit, which they’re selling for £4.79 instead of £5.99, saving you £1.20.

These plates are a great idea. My daughter will happily eat off the plate that we made at the ceramics café a few months back, and the mugs we made for my parents with the two children’s hand and foot prints were well accepted and are apparently loved – in the way only a grandparent can.

This set comes with 6 markers and a white plate. The child can design their plate, leave the ink to try for a minute and just like that, it’s permanent, so long as you don’t put it through the dishwasher – but normal washing is fine.

The pens can’t be used on normal ceramic, says one reviewer, but can be used on paper once the plate is done.  It’s a child sized plate rather than normal dinner plate sized and it seems the kids in general love it – and the parents love that it’s pretty mess free.

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