Go Create Magic Sketcher £3.36 @ Tesco

Go Create Magic Sketcher £3.36 @ Tesco

Tesco has dropped the price on their Go Create Magic Sketcher from £5.50 to £3.36 and you can collect it for free instore. This is a sweet saving of £2.14, almost enough to buy two for the original price of one!

The Go Create Magic Sketcher lets little ones explore their artistic side. Children can use the easy writer to draw or write with both thick and thin strokes and they can use the awesome little stampers – you can see those on the right – to create little magnetic pictures of houses, circles or stars.

Once they have finished their masterpiece (and you’ve taken a photo on your phone, of course) they can slide the eraser knob across the deck to erase the picture and start a new one. The Magic Sketcher also has a pen retrieval function. I honestly don’t know what that is, but if it is the pen tied to the toy with string, then that’s hilarious.

Thanks to taswir1 at HUKD!


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