Crayola Colour n Style Friends from £6.90 @ Amazon

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Crayola Colour n Style Friends from £6.90 @ Amazon

These new Crayola Colour n Style Friends are everywhere right now, and if your kids are asking for them for they're on offer from just £6.90 at Amazon! The Colour 'N' Style Coupe set is also on offer at just £11.96 - that's less than half price - and the Catwalk set is on offer too!

The Colour 'n' Style Coupe has also droppedand is £15.37* as has the Colour 'n' Style Catwalk*, that's £15.87. The super popular Colour 'n' Style Friends Mermaids has also gone on offer and that's £14.99* and The Coral Mermaid is here*

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Crayola Colour n Style Friends Coupe and Catwalk

Crayola Colour n Style Friends Dolls

Kids are going to love giving these dolls a makeover, as they can be personalised over and over again with a new look each time.

Just clip on the included clothing accessory, then personalise with the pens to draw fun patterns and designs to give your doll a new outfit. Then you can also add colour to her hair and style it your own way and then finish off with a custom make-up look with the included pens.

Crayola Colour n Style Friends Sky doll

When you’re finished, just wipe the body and clip on clothes with a damp cloth or paper towel, rinse the hair with cold water, let it air dry and then you’re ready to design her all over again.

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