Classic Wooden Pop-Up Toy £5.32 @ Amazon

Classic Wooden Pop-Up Toy £5.32 @ Amazon

Classic Wooden Pop-Up Toy £5.32 @ AmazonI do like a nice, simple wooden toy that's timeless, classic and doesn't require you to take out a second mortgage to fund your battery habit.  If you do too, then this classic wooden pop-up toy is for you!

So, there are four different coloured pop-up dudes who , I can guarantee, will have your little one giggling away like a loon when the suddenly POP UP after having been pushed down into their little wooden house.

Each little wooden character has a matching coloured slot, and although they don't have to go into their corresponding one, it's rather nice to know that there's an additional colour learning element to take advantage of when your child is a little older.

Then, of course, there's the opportunity to introduce the concept of numbers too - counting to four is some achievement when you're little!

The reviews are excellent, here are a couple for you to consider:

This sweet little wooden box really captivated the babies who were playing with it. Their little fingers eagerly stuffed the brightly coloured cylindrical peg men back into their holes, they pressed them and chuckled as they popped back out.

This charming toy enhances fine motor skills and encourages the child to sort the men into their colour co-ordinated holes, making associations whilst they witness the cause and effect actions of their own tiny hands. Inexpensive, lovely gift but needs adult supervision as the babies loved sucking the wooden guys.

Bought this for my one year old, he found it hilarious to bob the little heads up and down. After a few months he was pushing the heads all the way down and firing the pegs across the room! I really think this toy helped him with his hand-eye coordination, he spent a lot of time perfecting the art of peg-firing. Loved it.

See! Babies and young children ADORE this sort of toy, which is why I'm telling you about it even though there's only a small discount to be had - its usual price, by the way is £7.99 - but I guarantee it'll be one of the best almost £5.50s you've ever spent.

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