Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker Kit £12.99 @ Argos

Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker Kit £12.99

Make your own 'Kinder Eggs' with the Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker Kit. My boys saw this on You Tube and ever since they have been moaning my ears off. It does look fun and I suspect most kids would be happy to open one of these up on their birthday. Grab it for just £12.99 at Argos, down from £22.99. (best price around just now).

The Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker Kit comes with a Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker, 1 dispenser, 2 egg moulds, 4 capsules, 6 foils and 10 chocolate measuring bags.

You use your own chocolate to make the eggs, which is good if your kids have dairy allergies etc. I think we will use Kinder Chocolate when ours comes.

Like I mentioned above, this toy will allow your kids to make their own 'Kinder style' Eggs. What child wouldn't want to do that?!

You can buy Refill Packs* for £9.99 at Smyths too!

If buying from Argos you can Reserve and Collect for FREE or pay £3.95 to have it delivered to your home.

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  • Vicki F.

    this was made for layla :joy:

  • Laura S.

    Millie needs this for Xmas lol x

  • Carolyn S.

    ! Alf could video himself opening them :joy:

  • Elaine B.

    think I should get this for the kids xmas

  • Katy W.

    She's literally been asking for this every day since she saw the advert! I'm doomed! :grin:

  • Martine D.

    Added to the birthday list :grimacing::grimacing:

  • Laura J.


  • Jackie H.

    Yeah and slushy maker for alcohol slushes :thumbsup:

  • Maxine C.

    Looks good hopefully they'll be on the 3 for 2 at argos :ok_hand:

  • Nick S.

    God they would all wear that out first day making them

  • Joanna G.

    She wants it :see_no_evil: we have seen advert on Pop

  • Dave S.

    No way! would of been cheaper to get one of of these then the 30 eggs when I proposed xx

  • Joanne H.

    Best get it on the list for Santa

  • Chris M.

    Would save us a small fortune :joy:

  • Sarah H.

    Omg don't :scream:might have to purchase for xmas x

  • Carly J.

    Ahhh wicked.. thanks hun xx

  • Sarah H.

    I've added it to my argos basket thank you :blush:

  • Abbie N.

    Oh bloody hell she'll be eating about 5 a day or not eating them and just opening them

  • Kerry W.

    After the one minute wonder of the chocolate coin maker think I will pass on this.... but thanks :kissing_heart:

  • Hannah D.

    That's on the too get list :joy::joy:

  • Helen B.

    She's already seen it and wants it:joy: xx

  • Abbie N.

    She needs it for Christmas not for now I can't cope with more rubbish round the house :joy:I'll write it on her Christmas list

  • Stuart P.

    Lol. That will save us a few pennies.

  • Gemma H.

    Haha probably but this is awesome! I need to look for this for her birthday! Good shout!xx

  • Charley D.

    Ha ha. It looks amazing in fairness

  • Vickie P.

    imagine what we could put in the eggs. Plus, we could just use crappy chocolate, it's not like she wants to eat it anyway, she'd be so excited if she had a massive bunch of them to unwrap!

  • Sharon M.

    Another thing for her list lol

  • Steph M.

    Omg no ive not!!! Need it :joy:x

  • Emily A.

    Omg soph would pass out with excitement :joy:

  • Sarah C.

    Haha would save us a fortune

  • Sue B.

    I nearly bought that! :joy:

  • Kelly M.

    wonder who would like this lol

  • Rachel M.

    Lol I seen this and thought it would b a brilliant idea

  • Natalie L.

    Ah that looks class n would save me a fortune lol xx

  • Hayley K.

    Amelia keeps asking for this x

  • Ann Q.

    Looks good but if anything like choc coin and lolly maker pain in butt rather pay for an egg

  • Candy M.

    I looked at this in smyths last week, but I reckon it'll be a load of crap like the coin makers xx

  • Sarah B.

    Oscar is obsessed with chocolate making things

  • Louise R.

    I'm not buying any of that crap they're all useless lol

  • Lee C.

    Thank you just ordered :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

  • Jodi-Leigh H.

    Seen this it’s in wish list:relaxed:xx

  • Sue B.

    I don’t know if I could deal with this :joy:

  • Danni B.

    O m geee. I have to get this!! :heart_eyes: xx

  • Louise C.

    Definitely another one for Izzy's list

  • Shelley W.

    She defo would love this xx

  • Kate S.

    Oh you know Holly would love this ... not sure about me though! :flushed::flushed: xx

  • Robert W.

    Nothing like the real ones.

  • Connie M.

    Could you imagine the mess :joy:

  • Jemma J.

    Oh my god she needs this!!!!

  • Jill W.

    Has anyone used this? The choc coin maker was crap x

  • Evelyn P.

    Ooooh, girls would love this xx

  • Natalie T.

    Haha I’m not even showing this to Anaya after I have spent the last few days making a giant kinder surprise egg to fill up with LOL dolls and blind bags for Christmas! :joy:

  • Claire J.

    Riley keeps saying he wants this! Think father Xmas may have mon in stock :see_no_evil::joy:

  • Ashleigh S.

    Brooke would love this! Xxx

  • Jane B.

    Those bloody eggs!!! :rolling_eyes:

  • Jodie M.

    could be something to consider for Sophia's birthday. X

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