Charlie And Lola: Chattering Charlie And Lola £11.99 (RRP £29.99) @

Woot, even though January is nearly over there are still bargains galore out there. c&l

Usually £29.99, this item is now just £11.99, saving you a lovely £18.00. Free delivery, too! As if that wasn't already absolutely very much a bargain, you get a free memory game as well. I reckon even the hard-to-impress dudes over at Bitter Wallet would have to admit that that's a pretty decent deal.

I've never seen these toys in action but since anything noisy tends to be a hit with kids, I think these would go down a storm. I like that you get two characters in this one toy - anything to put an end to the squabbling for even 5 minutes is a God-send in my book. And of course what kid doesn't like Charlie and Lola? They must be far and away some of the best-loved characters in all of kid-land. Girls love Lola, boys think Charlie's cool, and their endless adventuring and funny antics make them one of the few kids' characters that parents love, too.

c&l2At this price this is a great buy for the Birthday Present Drawer. No, we don't have one of those either but I'm fast realising that proper grown-up parents are organised like that, so I'm going to remedy the situation. I've lost count of the number of times we've had to dash to the toy shop en-route to a birthday party. It always ends in tears with my kids totally failing to grasp why (a) they're being allowed to set foot in the toyshop and (b) why Mummy's buying toys for their friends and not for them. So, the Birthday Present Drawer is the answer to these woes and this might just be my first purchase for it. Now, to make sure it's somewhere out of sight...

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  • Nobby
    They look very similar to, and come in the same box as, this deal These were available for a fiver.
  • Tamsin
    Nope, not the same at all. I have the ones you linked to Nobby and they are the cheap ones.

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