Chad Valley Microwave £7.49 @ Argos

10 July 2010

Chad Valley Microwave 1 This toy microwave comes with 'realistic' lights and sounds. It also has a rotating plate, and one-touch cooking buttons. Play food is included. The microwave requires three AA batteries, which are not included. Argos are selling the Chad Valley Microwave for half price at £7.49.

To be honest the appeal of a toy microwave escapes me. An oven I can understand. You can stand there and pretend to cook dinner, stir saucepans, flip over fried food, and so forth. But what do you do with a microwave? Put food in and shut the door? My sister felt the same and refused to buy one for my niece, who constantly asked. Which makes this a great sort of present deal, at this price.

And it will mean that they can then have a fully fitted out kitchen, which apparantly is vitally important according to my son and his friends. You might think that play kitchens are for girls, but no. That's not strictly true. All his best friends have little play kitchens, and when we go to the one Chad Valley Microwave 2o'clock club it is the little boys who are fighting over the saucepans, not the girls. Just one extra bit of gender stereotyping imposed by us adults I guess!

There's also a special offer with this item. You can get a 14 piece dinner set for £1.99, instead of £3.49.

Thanks to goonertilliedie at HUKD!

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