Budz My First Digital Camera £10 (RRP £40.00) @ Lloyds

Budz My First Digital Camera £10 (RRP £40.00) @ Lloyds

camera2This is a brilliant bargain. The Budz My First Digital Camera is the real deal - a fully functioning digital camera for kids which works as a webcam and a video recorder too. It's usually £40 but Lloyds Pharmacy are practically giving them away for a tenner right now.

I don't think it would have occurred to me to buy my kids a digital camera but when a relative treated my eldest to one for his birthday it was an instant hit. They've taken it everywhere with them and they absolutely love downloading their photographs and making the adults pose on demand for a change.

This particular camera is chunky and colourful, with 2 eyeholes because children find closing one eye difficult, and an LED screen. It comes complete with a USB cable, an installation disc and a user manual.

You'll need the following bits of kit to make it work:
• Microsoft Windows 98SC/2000/ME/XP/Vista
• 125mb free hard disc space
• 32 MB RAM
• 24-bit colour monitor (800 x 600 resolution)
• USB 1.0 port
• CD-Rom drivecamera

Suitable for ages 3 and over, it requires 2xAA batteries. The manufacturers say it builds and develops your child's fine motor skills - the small and precise thumb, finger and hand movements needed to complete everyday tasks  - and encourages problem solving, helping your child to have ideas and make their own decisions, enabling them to explore and enjoy the world around them.

With thanks to bajandjm on HDUK!


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  • Polaroid P.
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    • BudzAreRubbish
      If I could give these negative stars I would (-10). What a dreadful, awful product. Build quality is utter rubbish, there's not even a spring in the battery compartment so the batteries move about and lose contact, and then any pictures taken are lost for good because there's no memeory card. I can't believe these once sold for £30-£40. They are not worth £1. The screen on the back is low quality and grainy. My kids went out for a walk and took loads of pictures, got home and the camera wouldn't switch on because the batteries weren't touching their connectors, so all photos LOST. Kids unhappy. I'm unhappy, frustrated and angry. Simply NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. Utter Rubbish that crap like this can be sold in this day and age.
      • Heidi S.
        That does sound rubbish. Did you take it back and demand a refund or contact the manufacturers?
        • elaine
          Thank you for that review,i was just about to buy one and thought i would search for any feedback.I couldn't find much and then i came across yours.Told me exactly what i wanted to know!So Thanks again.
          • Zoe
            Agree I bought one in a charity shop for £3 wasn't even worth that but glad money went to charity. They are curretly £5 at lloyds pharmacy which is still a rip off.