Bop It Extreme 2 £13.49 @ Argos

Bop It Extreme 2 £13.49 @ Argos


Bop It Extreme 2 is half price at Argos at the moment, at £13.49.

My sister brought a Mini Travel Bop It home from America a few years ago. It was palm of your hand sized for on-the-go fun. We had so much fun, frustration and simply aaarrrrrgggghhh! with that thing, it was ridiculous.

Even now, a few years later, it'll surface every now and then and we'll all have a go till someone loses the plot and shoves it in a drawer out of that strange fun/frustration mix.

The Bop It is a hand held self contained game. It has various gadgets and buttons which you bop, twist, pull, spin or flick as the beats and tempo of the game evolve and speed up. You have a very short window of time to Bop It, Pull It, Spin It, Twist It or Flick It before you 'lose' and your game .ends. Of course, the longer you play, the more the beats and tempos evolve.

The game is only for one person at a time, and I can for the life of me not figure out why the description says its for players 8 and over – honestly, anyone that can play it, can play it!

Bop It Extreme 2 has received excellent reviews on Argos, and is available all over the country including home delivery.

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