Bob The Builder: Bob Wooden Stack 'N' Turn £2.99 @ Play

Bob The Builder: Bob Wooden Stack 'N' Turn £2.99 @ Play

bobBob the Builder - CAN. YOU. FIX. HIM?

Actually, CAN. YOU. STACK. HIM? would be more appropriate as this is a cute little stacking toy that little kids will love.

My mum bought my teenage daughter a set of Russian dolls once, do you remember those? Each hollow wooden doll opens in half across the middle and they all stack inside each other - it kept her amused for HOURS!

Sometimes we forget that the simplest of toys can provide just as much entertainment as the all-singing, all-dancing, light-flashing, bell-ringing, battery-munching ones. This Bob the Builder 'Bob wooden stack 'n' turn' toy is certainly simple and Play have reduced him down from the £9.99 rrp to just £2.99, so he has a nice simple price too.

bob1He's made up of five pieces that little fingers can get to grips with and stack on the wooden spindle to make a complete Bob the Builder - or 'Bobber' as my youngest used to call him, that was too cute when couldn't say Bob the Builder.

Bob's head screws on to the top which secures all the pieces together when he's not being played with; such a simple thing that's a genius idea!

Thanks to andywedge over at HUKD


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