Blossom Farm Tummy Time Playmat £4.50 @ Mothercare

Blossom Farm Tummy Time Playmat

The Blossom Farm Tummy Time Playmat has 75% off the £15.00 it normally costs and is now £4.50 at Mothercare. It is also the same price at Early Learning Centre, but there it is out of stock.

Tummy time is so good for little babies, pretty much from birth. It massages all the wind out of their little bodies, reducing the chances of colic and helping stimulate raising their heads and eventually crawling.

Information on the Tummy Time Playmat is rather scarce on the Mothercare website, but I found a lengthy review at Dooyoo with extensive feedback.

The reviewer, known as “Nayland” was very happy with his purchase.

Out came a very colourful soft slightly padded mat, on the top it was divided into 4 sections that showed the large faces of Lavender Lamb, Dillon Donkey, Buttercup Cow and I believe (I can't remember exactly!) Bunny Blossom or Chester Chicken, well whatever one it was it was very colourful.

With this, he also received a large yellow daisy which crinkled when played with. There were three strips attached to the daisy which each had a toy hanging from it: a teething ring, squeaky soft toy and a rattle. These are all removable from the Blossom Farm Tummy Time Playmat and make for good car or pushchair toys.

Nayland” says that it folds up to a reasonable size and is handy to take out when visiting people. He definitely recommends it to new parents, especially at the price he got it for (£7.50), so I'm sure he'd recommend it even more at £4.50!

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