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8 March 2011


Big Trak was the biggest thing ever in the 80s, back then he epitomised the ultimate in tech toys for kids, and now he is back. This awesome slice of nostalgic toy history is also down in price from the usual £39.99 to only £15.99 at Big Trak for the win!

Big Trak is awesome. He is. While nowhere near as sophisticated as some of the toys around today, he is still cool. If you were not lucky enough to get your paws on one of these back in the day, then now is your chance to get a Big Trak into your house.

Big Trak is easy enough for kids to learn and even adults will have fun getting him to do what they want him to. It boasts all the features of the original model, including 23 button keypad, front-mounted blue photon beam headlamp, and the ability to store up to 16 preset programmes.

You can programme Big Trak to do things like move forward, turn, then go back, then turn – and you get the general idea. Big Trak is your programmable robot toy of nostalgic brilliance and his now only £15.99.

Thanks to barijohn at HUKD!

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