Bathtime Buddies Alphabet Bath Letters £3 @ Tesco

9 February 2013

Tesco are selling these Bathtime Buddies Alphabet Bath Letters for £3 - my youngest practices his spellings, with his dad, in the bath using these and we all think they're GREAT; they've been a fixture in the bathroom for almost as long as Edward's been around.

There are 65 Bathtime Buddies Alphabet Bath Letters in a tub and are made of foam; they stick to the tiles really easily, come off just as easily too and I recommend you buy two jars - it's very frustrating when you don't enough of a certain letter!

They float on the water as well - so there's no scrabbling around under the bubbles to find them when bath time is over - and can be scooped up with the tub.  The lid has holes in it, you see, so you can scoop, put the lid on then turn the tub upside down and drain all the water out; fabulous.

Personally I'd collect my Bathtime Buddies Alphabet Bath Letters in-store for free, to keep them nice and cheap, otherwise you'll be paying £3 for home delivery.

Thanks to cazzap06 at HUKD!

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