Barbie Swimming Puppy School £14.47 @ Tesco Direct

4 November 2010


Oh, hello Tesco, it appears that you’re having a nice fat toy sale and have included one of this Christmases Must Have Gifts – the Barbie Swimming Puppy School. Look, I didn’t say it was a must have gift for parents, only for little girls who love Barbie. Down from £21.97 to £14.47, this bargain from Tesco Direct will save you £7.50.

Barbie is busy teaching all of the puppies how to swim in her bright pink (almost terrifyingly pink) swimming pool thingamajig. Tanner, her dog, can swim already. All you have to do is wind up Tanner’s tail and she’ll swim madly across the pool.

You can use the magnets built into Tanner and the puppies to get Tanner to pull the puppies along in the water or intertube. The puppies can also dive off the diving board, jump through the hoop or play basketball.

Barbie has a lever built into her back that lets her dry the puppies off with a towel or toss a puppy into the water. This is a very cute kit and I have to admit that the price is definitely right. So nab your Barbie Swimming Puppy School if you happen to have a Barbie mad kid.

Thanks to lkscotland at HUKD!

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