My Baby All Clean Doll £7.40 @ Amazon

My Baby All Clean Doll £7.40 @ Amazon

Amazon has reduced the My Baby All Clean Doll from £24.99 to only £7.40, a huge saving of £17.59 off the original price. It may not be the world’s prettiest doll but for that price, it is certainly worth getting and sneaking into your Present Cupboard.

The My Baby All Clean Doll is also eligible for Amazon’s free delivery service so you only pay the measly £7.50 for all the features here. So, what does this doll do that makes it worth £24.99?

The My Baby All Clean doll comes with a bottle and a wiper to magically clean her up. She makes silly sounds and says cute phrases so kids can feel as if she is interacting with them. However, the bit that makes me laugh out loud is that they say she uses her nappy in an innovative way.

And what is this “innovative” way I hear you asking? Apparently she makes NO mess but uses lights instead. How disturbing is that? A light show down there instead of the usual mess you’d associate with nappies.

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD!


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