Baby Chou Chou I Can Walk £29.99 @ Sainsburys

Baby Chou Chou I Can Walk £29.99 @ Sainsburys

Baby chou chouSave a chunk of cash when you buy Baby Chou Chou I Can Walk from Sainsburys this Christmas. Prices range from £49.99 at Littlewoods to £34.99 at Toys R Us so the £29.99 from Sainsburys is a bargain.

Little girls adore these little dolls that can perform a wide range of different functions. Baby Chou Chou can crawl by herself but needs help learning to walk. Just take her by the hand and her little legs will move by themselves.

I love the fact that my daughter gets so involved in teaching her toys to do things so I think I may just nab one of these for her Christmas tree pile. It’s adorable! Baby Chou Chou even cries a little when she falls over, but then just picks herself up and tries again.

Then when she’s cuddled and played with she makes these sweet baby noises. It’s evenbaby chou chou2 entertaining for mums (sssh) and may make you a bit broody...

It asks for four AA batteries that are not included in the price and, while it says the age group is 3+ you can give this to girls from the age of about two and a half. Just take any small pieces away until they’re older.


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