Anki Cozmo Robot £159.99 @ Smyths

Anki Cozmo Robot £159.99 @ Smyths

If your child has put a Robot on their Christmas List, then you'll struggle to find a better one than the Anki Cozmo Robot. It's not cheap, in fact I have seen it for around the £200 mark, up until now. Smyths have it reduced to just £159.99.

The Cozmo Robot is a bit special. Why? The more your child interacts with it, then more of it's personality you'll see. It responds to actions with "real" emotions.

As well as that, the more you play with it, the more new games and upgrades are unlocked. You do need a compatible IOS or Android device to play.

It's been featured on a few TV Programmes and has been mentioned as a Top Toy of Christmas 2017. To be honest, I can see why - this really is a toy to impress.

It's currently out of stock for home delivery, but you can Click and Collect the Cozmo Robot for FREE from a Smyths store near you.


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