Air Swimmers £19.99 @ Toys R Us

Toys R Us are selling Air Swimmers for £19.99.  Two of them - the shark and the clown fish - are shown as having previous retail prices of £39.99, but the red Angry Birds Air Swimmer (also £19.99) isn't showing a previous retail price at make of that what you will.

If you've not come across Air Swimmers before, they're giant remote controlled, motorised helium balloons that you can fly around your house.

I think they're rather cool - particularly the Angry Birds one (you can keep the other two, they don't do it for me at) - and I can just see Edward, my youngest son, having far too much fun with one: I can picture his dad doing the washing up, turning round and coming face-to-face with an Angry Birds Air Swimmer who was silently flown up behind him!

If you're going to invest in an Air Swimmer then you will, obviously, need to have a supply of helium too - Toys R Us have helium balloon tanks too, which currently cost £29.99 (having read the reviews, you might need two if you're going to go for the large Shark Air Swimmer).

These Air Swimmers are certainly an indulgent toy for your money, bu they make a nice change from the usual tat that Christmas money gets spent on.

Happy air swimming!

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