Up To 50% Off Toys @ Sainsbury's In Store

There's up to 50% off toys in store at Sainsbury's at the moment. The sale started yesterday, and if my grocery run last night is anything to go by you'll be lucky to find anything left on the shelves - but the sale runs till the 29th, Tuesday, so hopefully there will be!

This sale is IN STORE ONLY and there's up to 50% off on toys from Grow and Play, Barbie, Nerf, Moshi Monster, 25% off on Lego and VTech and 1/3 off Hot Wheels and Monster High.

Dress up clothes that aren't part of the Halloween range are included, video games aren't. There aren't extended opening hours - it's just during your local store's normal hours, and if they don't normally stock toys, they are unlikely to for the sale.

Due to items being out of stock really quickly on line in previous years, Sainsbury's have shut their online toy section for the duration of the sale and you'll have to brave the masses with their trolleys piled sky high to take advantage.

Good luck with that.

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