300 Pack Of Loom Bands £1 @ Original Factory Shop

19 May 2014

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My kids have gone Loom Band crazy, so I'm thanking my lucky stars that we happen to live near a branch of The Original Factory Shop, where you can currently pick up a packet of 300 Loom Bands for £1, or 3 packets for £2.

Alas, you don't seem to be able to order these from the Original Factory Shop stores so you'll need to locate your nearest branch in order to personally hunt down some Loom Bands. But it's probably worth keeping an eye on the website too, as the offers available online at The Original Factory Shop website seem to change quite a bit from time to time.

The Original Factory Shop has a pretty nifty Facebook page too, so it's worth checking that out as well. Looms seem to be just a fiver right now too, reduced from £12.99, and you get an additional band set free.

Sigh. I wish I could love this Loom Band mania. But with a baby in the house, the whole thing is pretty much a heart-stopping exercise in choking hazards. Still, it's clearly not going to go away any time soon so in the meantime, best hot foot it to the Original Factory Shop for more supplies!

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