Kid Active Ball Pit - Was £17.99 Now £7.99 @ Argos

Kid Active Ball Pit - Was £17.99 Now £7.99 @ Argos

I've yet to come across a child, of any age, who doesn't have stupid amounts of fun romping and diving around in ball pits - look carefully and you may even notice  one or two of the on-looking parents looking wistfully into the pit wishing they could play too.

Perfect for playing inside and out, quick and easy to put up AND folding flat for storage makes this one of those play items that's a hit with kids and parents alike.  The brightly coloured ball pit has mesh sides which is great for kids who want to feel enclosed 'in the pit', and great for parents who want to be abe to see what's going on inside.  Balls aren't included but can be bought from Argos in bags of 100 for £4.99.

Reviews are excellent and opinion seems evenly divided between those who say the recommended 200 balls is enough, and those who filled it with 300 and feel 200 wouldn't have been enough - you might want to buy an extra bag just in case!

Kid Active Ball Pit £7.99 (was £17.99) @ ArgosWhether 200 or 300 is the magic number an extra bag anyway might not be such a bad idea;  I feel it only right and proper to tell you that these balls have the same properties as socks - you start out with the right number and then, over time, you lose the odd few now and again - where they go is one of the world's great unsolved mysteries!

Thanks to whizzkid over at HUKD!

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