20% Off Wooden Toys @ ELC

2 February 2013

The Early Learning Centre have taken 20% off the price of their wooden toys, which is GREAT, as I adore wooden toys!

There's just something so scrummy about wooden toys; I don't know if it's because they're made from a natural material, or what it is, but they feel nice, they're not easily broken and they look just a little more 'refined and elegant' than their plastic cousins.

There are puzzles - simple and more complicated ones, there are building blocks and stacking toys, farm sets, play sets, alphabet blocks, push-along cars, activity cubes and just about any other wooden toy you can think of.

My personal favourites will always be the jigsaw puzzles and stacking blocks - whether they're plain or numbered, if they stack then they're a GOOD thing.

As you can imagine, with 20% taken off the normal retail price, stock is flying off the shelves fast, so if you're after a nice little wooden toy something to give to someone then you'd better add it to your basket pronto!

All you have to do now is choose something; good luck!

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