20% Off Smyths Toys Coming Soon (Expired)

20% Off Smyths Toys Coming Soon (Expired)

EDIT 15/09/16 10pm: 20% off event now officially confirmed as Friday 16th to Monday 19th. Excludes gaming & consoles.

Loads of you savvy shoppers know about all the regular shopping events that the big stores put on in the run up to Christmas, and the 20% off at Smyths Toys is a biggie.

We have had lots of requests for the date, and although the date has yet to be officially confirmed (which there's no way they will do in advance!) we are expecting the next 20% off at Smyths Toys* event to be this weekend.

We have heard that it will be running from this Friday 16th and is likely to be for the full weekend, probably ending on Monday 19th September.

Last years event was on the same weekend, and it was in stores only, not online, and we have heard that the same will be happening this year.

Smyths promotions like this always exclude gaming and consoles, so don't bank on being able to grab a discounted PS4 or XBox for the kids as they won't be included.

If you want to have a good browse and check what Smyths have to offer then you can click here* to see what's on offer.


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  • Jamie W.

    I'm going Friday morning :blush:

    • Rosie F.

      Oh, is it on on Friday too? I might take a scoot up then.

      • Laura S.

        Santa shopping time again

        • Jamie W.

          Yeah it starts Friday :blush:

          • Lyndsey J.

            always good to get a few bits. , , , ,

            • Stephanie G.

              Shopping Saturday??? Lol x

              • Lyndsey J.

                I have more or less finished Evie its adults I need lol

                • Stephanie G.

                  Lol I'm not sure I'm going to brave smyths....it gets stupid. Plus it's between pay days as well. I not going mad this year, it's silly how much they have for Christmas. Will have to have a think about what you want evie to have? Money or present? X

                  • Lyndsey J.

                    Money would be fab if you don't mind for Florida

                    • Stephanie G.

                      Yea that's cool. Can chat about it on Saturday if you want. Seems silly buying presents when they have so much doesn't it x

                      • Tanya T.

                        I'm all done :smile:

                      • Julie A.


                        • Nicola M.

                          Looks like some Christmas shopping is in order

                          • Linda H.

                            might be handy for Xmas presents xx

                            • Christine L.

                              Definitley... thanks hun xx

                            • Carla F.

                              it's defo on this weekend x

                              • Catherine D.

                                Must have a look :blush: xx

                                • Joanne R.

                                  Watch I got caught out on it last year I've to spend 500

                                  • Andrea C.

                                    i done it last year too but it doesn't say anywhere on the terms about £500, checked it out online today and still no mention x

                                    • Michelle M.

                                      .... Xmas shopping! X

                                      • Fiona M.

                                        Is it just the weekend do you know? X

                                        • Claire B.

                                          Thanks Michelle. Hope John has pennies x

                                          • Michelle M.

                                            it said the date has not been officially released but it was this time last year. So I will keep checking their website. But they only held it for one weekend last year. If it's true then I'm heading there first thing Saturday morning X

                                            • Karen T.

                                              Dratt we're away this weekend x

                                              • Michelle M.

                                                Typical Karen, if there is anything in particular you need I can get it for you X

                                                • Karen T.

                                                  Will have a think xx

                                                • Kirsty C.

                                                  need to do out Xmas shopping :smiley:

                                                  • Sammy S.

                                                    Also and of month argos 3 for 2

                                                    • Gail M.

                                                      When is that Sammy

                                                      • Sammy S.

                                                        End of this month should be if not then first week of Oct we always wait for it

                                                        • Tracey A.

                                                          Think it's going to be next weekend I've been enquiring:relaxed:

                                                          • Gail M.

                                                            Cool x

                                                          • Kate S.

                                                            Noooooo! Just spent £300 there last weekend for three lots of birthday presents :sob::sob:

                                                            • Samantha R.

                                                              Take bk n get again??

                                                              • Hayley R.

                                                                You'll know if it's a true sale then or if they do bump up the prices before the 'sale'

                                                              • Emma S.

                                                                (baby stuff!!) bargains!!

                                                                • Natalya S.

                                                                  Nice one :ok_hand_tone1::relaxed:

                                                                  • Suzanne T.

                                                                    get the Christmas shopping done!!

                                                                    • Laura D.

                                                                      I will lol thanks misses! Xx

                                                                    • Davie V.

                                                                      Wee visit there this weekend xx