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LC54021_MUDDY_WILSON "Let's RIIIIIDE the rails!!"

Now at first glance 12% might not seem like a lot of discount, but trust me if you end up buying the whole collection of these Chuggington diecast toys then you're going to be glad of all the pennies off you can get your hands on!  Most of the engines in the collection are £5.24 instead of £5.95 although some of the bigger ones are £7.87 (full price £8.95).

My kids fell in love with Chuggington - yep all of them, even the teenagers.  My youngest assigned everyone a Chuggington name (he did this with the Waybuloo characters too!) he was Brewster, my eldest was Wilson and my daughter was KoKo!

LC54003-BREWSTERIf you're unfamiliar with Chuggington then here's a quick lesson:  Chuggington is a place inhabited by trains and the young engines, or 'Chuggers' as they're called, go to school to learn how to be proper working trains.  The young Chuggers get up to all sorts of mischief and will have learned valuable lessons by the end of each episode.

There are lots of other characters that make up the enchanting world of Chuggington and these toys have been long waited for so they're flyin goff the virtual shelves pretty sharpish - so if your child's favourite Chugger is available then I wouldn't procrastinate too long; although, TakeAlongToys are saying that they have new stock arriving daily.  HURRAH!

Postage to the UK mainland is a standard £1.95 per order by the way.

Thanks to bharak over at HUKD!

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