Children's Portable Urinal £2.69 Delivered @ eBay Store: 2013bestbuybest

Children's Portable Urinal £2.69 Delivered @ eBay Store: 2013bestbuybest

EDIT: Original listing now sold out, but you can get one here* from ebay for £2.96 delivered.

The hardest point of potty training a child is when you venture out. Sometimes there just aren't any toilets about. That's why you need one of these Children's Portable Urinal contraptions. Priced at £2.69 at eBay Store: 2013bestbuybest, it also comes with FREE delivery too.

I would say that this is most certainly designed with little boys in mind. As it is an elephant design with a trunk to accommodate your little one's 'willy'.

It has a screw top to allow you to empty it with ease and to allow you to clean it thoroughly.

Wish I had one of these to be honest when I was training my youngest, because he would always wee on his shoes if we were out on walks.

As this item is coming from Hong Kong, it'll take around 2-4 weeks to arrive.

There is also this alternative Portable Urinal Bottle*for £2.99 delivered and it comes with three different character toppers.

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Reply to
  • Fi G.

    thought this was a drinks cup but it's not :joy: don't know how I feel about this one!!

  • Elaine T.

    Why oh why the creepy face???

    • Catherine A.

      In heavy traffic once, just got him to pee in a bottle. Harder with a girl though lol

      • Martin H.

        Can u do a poo in it? :joy:

        • Lizzie W.

          Fruit shoot bottle works too !!

          • Jonathan W.

            What and teach kids to pee in cups what are you idiots gonna think is a good idea

            • Leanne K.

              I'm not sure what to think of it :joy:

              • Sarah S.

                Looks like a cup...whats that teaching kids?!

                • Sarah K.

                  I thought it was a drinks bottle:joy::joy:I need one of those for fin:joy::joy:.xx

                  • Samantha D.

                    We brought this a few months ago for my son. Obvious people have their own opinions of these but for us it was been a god send. I don't drive so walk most places and don't often have a pushchair with me so taking a potty out is a real hassle plus you need to find somewhere to empty it straight away and public toilets where I live are few and far between and most of them are so disgusting he won't even step in one! With this we just find some where discrete for him to go, close it up and empty when we find a decent toilet or wait till we get home as it's leak proof.

                    • Ambreen S.

                      I've got one it's brilliant for when there are no loos nearby or the loos are dirty and your child screams not to go into them. It's literally a god send! I had to use it in vision express one night near closing time as the staff refused to let my clearly desperate little boy use their toilet. Oh and it's never made my boys want to wee in a drinking cup :joy: xx

                      • Nicola S.

                        Hate that. A.holes

                        • Ambreen S.

                          Nicola Gavin Simmons I did too I was so angry I'm not sure what exactly they wanted him to do as they didn't know I actually had the portable thing in my bag xx

                          • Nicola S.

                            Dont think anyone should be made to hold their urine let alone a little boy . He could of got a urine infection or anything! I think i might buy one c

                            • Ambreen S.

                              Nicola Gavin Simmons they are really really useful xx

                            • Flick M.

                              Someone will end up drinking like a drinks bottle xx

                              • Nicola C.

                                They also do one for girls.

                                • Kerry L.

                                  .... And then they need a number 2 :confused:

                                  • Katie M.

                                    Or they think it's a bottle and try and drink it! Lol

                                    • Kerry L.

                                      Another reason why I wouldn't buy it.:joy:

                                    • Jade N.

                                      :joy::joy: bus stop weing for alfie hahahhaha

                                      • Tom Z.

                                        It's better then pissing himself :joy::joy::joy:

                                        • Natalie W.

                                          Great idea if you have boys, not suitable for a girl lol

                                          • Katie D.

                                            He uses fruit shoots :joy::joy::joy:

                                            • Louise A.

                                              Reuben likes to wee outside

                                              • Naomi H.

                                                I got one about 2 years ago for my little one and it's amazing! Took it everywhere. It's now in the cupboard ready for my next one to use! Literally the best thing I've ever bought!