Bespoke Potty Training Pants

pottyTrainingPants If you're in the middle of the potty training stage then you'll already know just how many pairs of pants, or knickers, your little one can get through in a day.  If you're not there yet then brace yourself and plan ahead.

I got away with the whole potty training drama with my youngest - one day he decided 'no more nappies', he refused to wear them, put a pair of pants on and was dry almost from the word go; this applied to night times too, like I said...I got away with it!

The other two weren't quite so proactive and I remember the washing line and radiators groaning under the weight of knickers and pants, that had been put in the wash for the hundred millionth time.

Words from the wise suggest that you buy your child special underwear for them to ADORE and, therefore, will want to keep dry.

I have no idea if this tactic works but it sounds plausible.  The thing is character underwear can be at least twice the price of normal underwear and can also be a bit generic, and forget it if you can't find your child's most favourite characters in the whole wide world!

ParentHack mum, Becky, has come to the rescue; this is such a clever idea and will save you a few pounds and tantrums too.

The idea is simple: buy plain underwear, buy some print-at-home iron-on transfer paper, print pictures of your child's favourite character onto it, cut them out and iron onto the aforementioned white underwear.

Marvellous; click HERE to read more about how she did it.

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