Paw Patrol Chase Toddler Bed With Storage @ Very

Paw Patrol Chase Toddler Bed With Storage

If you have a Paw Patrol fan at home who is just moving up to a toddler bed then this has got to be top of the list!

The Paw Patrol Toddler Bed with Storage is down to £119.99 from £149.99 over at Very right now. It is selling fast so hurry if you want to order!

A character bed is a great way to encourage a little one to move up to a 'big' bed after being in a cot. This one features Chase, the Paw Patrol police pup! I love the fact that this is completely different from many other character beds on the market.

Another great feature is the underbed storage that is included with this bed. There are two handy zipped storage drawers which are perfect to keep bedding in or toys. They look like part of the bed too and are covered in the police car design.

It has built up sides to keep your little one's safe if they roll around at night and is suitable for ages 18 months- 5 years. The mattress is not included, a cot bed mattress will fit this size bed.

Home delivery varies on the size of the item, delivery starts from £3.99 but you can get a detailed quote when you checkout.

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  • Jade B.

    Need this! :heart_eyes::joy: xx

  • Donna B.

    My son has this bed and he loves it x

  • Samantha H.

    how amazing is this

    • Claire B.

      That is awesome! Steffen would never get outa bed! Lol x

  • Natalie H.

    how much would the twins love this bed! :laughing:

    • Chris K.

      I think they would love that. We're did you find it and how much?

  • Stacey M.

    That's cute xx

  • Lauren R.

    I love it :heart_eyes:

  • Kelly L.

    Aww it's so good but it's £120 x

  • Beckie D.

    Very cute but not sure the girls would like it :wink::wink:

  • Harriet C.

    Omg that's amaZing!! Think that's a junior bed thou :pensive::pensive: xx

  • Harriet C.

    I know looks so good xx

  • Diana C.

    ... Boys would love x

    • Sam S.

      Omg that's so cool

  • Nicola K.

    you better pray they don't have a Skye one, I'm going on very now!

  • Andy-Rew P.

    Love it!!! Xxx

  • Emma P.

    We need marshall!! Xxx

  • Vicky D.


  • Angela B.

    bet a little someone would love this! :heart_eyes:

  • Jade P.

    How good is that!! He'd want a Marshall one though xxx

  • Stacey M.

    It's soo cute xx

  • Sarah R.

    :weary: he's getting too grown up x

  • Zoe E.


  • Debbie M.

    pity there's no Skye one aswell lol

  • Kerrilei B.

    I bet could make this all you would need would be some paw patrol fablon X

  • Letitia B.

    Its lovely and not bad priced at all. Plus storage under. Chase would love x

  • Lisa M.

    Haha no chance it won't match her bedroom :joy: xxx

  • Megan J.

    think your little one would like this! X

  • Adam M.

    I want it

  • Stacey M.


  • Rachel M.

    this would make a boy very happy :-)

  • Danielle A.

    OMG yes!!!!!!! She'd never get out of bed lol!

  • Amy G.

    Could solve a few problems ha!

  • Becca C.

    I wonder who would love this bed lol

  • Danielle A.

    Haha if only! Finished buying all of her birthday presents today woohoo!!!

  • Kellie C.

    I seen this in argos ...i might get it to see if he will sleep in his own bed x

  • Natalie P.

    He might actually enjoy going to bed in that! Lol x

  • Annie M.

    I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!xxxx

  • Jamilea A.

    look at this lol .. hell prob hate it soon :persevere:

    • Charlotte C.

      Omg can you imagen him sleeping in that big boy bed :cry: so cute

  • Kelly W.


  • Sue H.

    I NEED this !!

  • Lisa P.

    he would love it haha Alfs to old x

  • Kayleigh H.

    It's cute lol x

  • Sue H.

    and its on Very :D

  • Sue H.

    yup :)

  • Lucie M.

    Omg that's amazing!! xx

  • Lucy S.

    He'd be in it all day x

  • Kelly J.

    Haha x

  • Carolanne M.

    Aw just buy it :joy::joy: xx

  • Tracy F.


  • Kimberley C.

    Immediately thought of him! :heart_eyes: xx

  • Stacy J.

    Omg!! I love this!! Xxxxxxxxxx

  • Jackie B.

    He wouldn't be able to sleep! X

  • Jen S.

    I know who'd like this!x

    • Linzi N.

      Oh wow ! He would love this so much! Xx

    • Jen S.

      Best ask Santa then! Ha ha x

    • Linzi N.

      Santa needs to save some pennies hehe xx

  • Maddy M.

    Only Marshall would do for r matthew!!

  • Caroline G.

    & ...I know someone that would love this :speak_no_evil: xx

  • Sue M.

    How much ??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Alisha Z.

    Nooooo lol the teddies are more than enough :joy:

  • Caroline M.

    Omfg I really want this for Cody xxx

  • Tasha A.

    Hahhaaaa! I've seen this but he's got an expensive cot/bed that id get in trouble if I got rid of :scream::scream::scream: lol xxx

  • Lauren M.

    Omg she would love that!!!!! Haha class!!

  • Denise B.

    Love it

  • Elaine K.

    Wow Evie would love it !

  • Kerry H.

    Haha he wud luv this

  • Coral W.

    Oh wow!! That is class!! He has to get this for his first proper bed :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Jade C.

    omg :confounded::confounded::confounded::confounded::confounded::confounded:

    • Kirsty S.

      I seen it Argos has it:sob:

  • Annie M.

    I'm gonna get that for he's birthday x

  • Justin E.

    Awesome! Don't give him ideas!

  • Gemma M.

    He Wud love it x

  • Hannah W.

    Tyler would love this xx

  • Debbie M.

    Omg he so would!!! there's a local guy who makes things like this too x

  • Shenka B.

    Its so cool xx

  • Gemma E.

    Go go go

  • Odele E.

    That's so cool Hannah he would love this but saying that it's just from 18 months to 5 years of age wouldn't do him very long he's fast sleep xx

  • Jade M.

    this reminded me of Emily lol xx

    • Kerri G.

      She would love a bed like that , but if it was Marshall she would be even more in love with it xx

  • Jess H.

    was guna tag you in this then realised the reason it was on my newsfeed was coz you liked it haha

    • Jess H.

      its on very too so can have an account with them and pay it off bit by bit. I had a look on littlewoods coz I have an account with them but they had a different one with really bad reviews. This one is much nicer. He might want to stay in bed a bit more too lol.

    • Telle P.

      They've got a Marshall car seat too, I shouldn't have looked haha!

  • Chelsea A.

    how cute is this haha!

  • David S.

    If it was Marshall xx

  • Sarah M.

    Love it :thumbsup: xx

  • Charlotte B.

    She might actually stay in that one! Lol! Xx

  • Annie M.


  • Jonathon B.


  • Leanne S.

    I've seen it. But he got so much stuff now that if he didn't have his mid sleeper I'd have no where to put half his toys!!

  • Zoe K.

    At the moment he'd love it. He'd be in bed in no time lol xxx

  • Sammie W.

    Wow love it xx

  • Sophie I.

    Wow George would love that! Xx

  • Nicki M.

    Me too well cute!!x

  • Dominique H.

    I can see him in it ha xx

  • Toni P.

    So cute isnt it!

  • Linda O.

    Liam wud love dis :smiley:

  • Becca H.

    Calvin would love this :rolling_eyes:

  • Damien K.

    Rhys would love dis

  • Amy F.

    Alfie would be loving life :joy:

  • Angela Y.

    just showed Charlie this, and he loves it! Keeps saying 'let's see, let's see' :laughing:

  • Tara P.

    Lush x

  • Pamela P.

    Joey would live this xx

    • Leanne N.

      Awww thats mint!! X

  • Candice T.

    Wow love it xx

  • Scott W.

    charlie would love this

  • Cara E.

    Corey would love this :wink: xx

  • Samantha B.

    kaiden would love this x

  • Kimberley V.

    ..... We have to get this!

  • Helen W.

    Jack loved it when I showed it him! Xx

  • Jacqui B.

    Omg I know 2 boys who would love this!!

    • Louise C.

      Harrison has just seen it and said he wants one! :joy: Fraser will definitely want one...

  • Tasha B.

    I know someone who would love this

    • Stacey B.

      Omg he'd love that when hes older

    • Tasha B.

      better get him one and put it away for him

  • Sharni P.

    Reilly will love this

  • Fran O.

    - this would be awesome for riley xxx

    • Meg S.

      he would love it! Xxx

  • Tess G.

    think Bailey would like this :joy::joy:

  • Rachel H.

    Oh he would love 1 of them

  • Charlee E.

    for when Logan is bigger x

    • Tracey L.

      Oh wow. Love this thank u xx

  • Lisa M.

    , Kai would love this :-)

  • Eileen M.

    How cool is that x

  • Emma R.

    Joseph needs this, he told me :wink:xx

  • Stacie C.

    lucy myt sleep if she had a paw patrol bed :wink:

  • Lisa G.

    Ralph would LOVE this!!

  • Sharon M.

    Love it xxxx

  • Lorna P.


  • Shirley G.

    little man wud love dis:grinning:

  • Paula M.

    Daniel would love this lol xx

    • Jenny C.

      Looks amazing X

  • Ell W.

    Leon would love it :speak_no_evil::heart:xxxxx

  • Deirdre D.

    Omg my little one crazy at paw patrol

  • Clare B.

    Oh wow the boys would love these x

  • Julie R.

    Omg ocean would love this x

  • Gail C.

    Omg Josh would love this bed x

  • Leanne B.

    Awww he would love this but they need bunk beds :sob: xxxxx

  • Nicola S.

    Lochlan would love this :blue_heart:

  • Kathleen F.

    Omg I need to get him this:see_no_evil::see_no_evil::feet::feet:xx

  • Kathleen F.

    He's getting this for part of his xmas:muscle_tone1:xx

  • Emma C.

    Joshie would love this xx

  • Robyn B.

    Omg I want it xx

  • Jacinta D.

    Nice :smile:

  • Fiona M.

    We thought about it but he moves about too much haha xx

  • Claire C.

    , this is why Mollie sleeps on the floor cos she hasn't got this bed

  • Becc P.

    The best bit is... It has storage!! !!

  • Ann C.

    yeah know plenty who wud love this

  • Anthony N.

    :heart_eyes: bit pricey though

  • Katie C.

    Aww that's well cute!

  • Tiffany-Paypay's P.

    Omgosh I love it

  • Jayde T.

    Oh god this looks awesome :blush:

  • Leanne C.

    Callan woukd love this lol x

  • Laura B.

    i think Mathew would love this lol. Xx

    • Donna R.

      Omg I need to get him thus xx

  • Rachel W.

    If the car seat was a no , how about this?? Go on ..... X

  • Pete A.


  • Kerry A.

    That's wicked

  • Leanne J.

    wow Dax would be so happy lol X

  • Daniel W.

    We need this!

  • Jen H.


  • Sam P.

    I love it and so will Tommie!! X

  • Ricky P.

    We need to save like mad then we can buy stuff like this for their new rooms xx

  • Samantha C.

    Wow xx

  • Sam P.

    sounds like a good idea xx

  • AnneMarie V.

    Callum would love this lol !!

  • Hannah A.

    He deffo needs this!! !!

  • Ruth M.

    bet Ethan would love this. Xx

  • Katrina K.

    Oh that's cute

  • Shaylyn W.

    I want to get this for Jacob :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Cheryl J.

    That's the one we're getting James Xxxx

  • Katy B.

    Noooo way...

  • Samantha N.

    I know a little boy who would love this x

  • Eddie B.

    someone we know wants this bed

    • Paul L.

      Where's the railings round the bed?

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