Halloween Party Treat Ideas

We're rapidly heading into October; we all know it will go by in a flash, that Halloween will be upon us then swiftly followed by putting the clocks back again.

If you're having a Halloween party for little ones - or a birthday party that falls around that time (my birthday is 20 October and Halloween themed birthday parties were always my favourites) - then here are three homemade Halloween treats you can make that are sure to go down a storm (I came across them at thebusybudgetingmama.com via Pintrest.com)

There are:

  • Pumpkin Spice Bars with cream cheese on the top (think carrot cake made with pumpkin instead)
  • Owl Cupcakes - very cute; and
  • Itsy-Bitsy Spiders - an 'interesting' use of pretzel sticks, Ritz crackers, peanut butter and chocolate; sound weird, will be true diet killers, but I bet they taste amazing!

If you have a go at making any of these three things, do let us know how you get on, OR feel free to share your own tried and tested home made Halloween treat recipes.

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