Uni-Com Wind-Up Mini-Lantern £3.33 @ Tesco Direct

28 June 2010

lantern Now this is the sort of thing I need in my house!

The other night I flicked a light switch in my lounge and it blew a bulb and tripped a couple of switches in the fuse box. Five minutes later all hell was breaking loose as the house alarm started to scream at the top of its 'voice' for the whole neighbourhood to enjoy.

Being half past midnight it was dark and my kids all have a thing for torches - even The Teenagers, still - and so of course when I needed to use one there wasn't one with any decent battery power left. I was NOT impressed.

If I'd had one of these Uni-Com wind-up mini lanters I'd have been alright! A quick one minute wind gives you 30 minutes of lamp illumination from its four super-bright LEDs. The thought of not having to scrabble around in the dark trying to find batteries is incredibly appealing and so I've just ordered one of these little lanterns.

Tescos have reduced them in price from £7.99 to £3.33 - you can arrange to collect it from your local store or pay the rather extortionate (in my opinion) next day delivery charge of £5.00.

Thanks to taswir1 over at HUKD!

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