Star Wars: Lightsaber Full Size Torch £6.93 @ The Hut

Star Wars: Lightsaber Full Size Torch £6.93 @ The Hut

PsaberIt’s a dark night, you need to fetch a glass of water and the floor is a minefield of foot hurting toys. What do you do? You whip out your Star Wars Lightsaber torch of course! Down to £6.93 at The Hut, this is an accessory for all space faring parents. 

It’s been over thirty years since Star Wars first exploded onto the scene, capturing the hearts and minds of parents and kids across the planet. Now those kids have all grown up and many are sharing the fun with their own offspring. Few will be able to resist this extremely amusing torch. 

Even my daughter is a fan of lightsabers (thanks to my Star Wars Wii games) so this torch will definitely amuse her when we need to whip it out in an emergency. Or to look into the bowels of the attic (or my PC). Ptorch2

The torch has realistic sound effects and LEDs on the head illuminate the way with the power of Star Wars blue. It’s a full size replica of Anakin’s lightsaber (try not to think about the prequels when you use it) and is delivered free. May the torch be with you... 

Thanks to andywedge at HUKD!


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  • Dougal
    Oh yeah, now THIS is a classy piece of writing....never mind the kids, I WANT WAN (OBI) OF THESE...haha.