Skylanders Characters 2 For £14 @ Sainsburys Entertainment

Skylanders Characters 2 For £14 @ Sainsburys Entertainment

Skylanders is a very cool game for kids and can be played with tots as young as 5 - I know this because my daughter adores the game and she only turned six a few days ago! Anyway, the various characters for the game can cost a pretty penny and really do make a difference to gameplay so this deal is brilliant for Skylanders fans - two characters for £14.

There are quite a few different characters included in the special offer but there are also quite a few sold out or not available. I reckon that if you want to really take advantage of this deal you are going to need to get in there before all the good ones are sold out. The deal itself isn't shaving off a huge amount, but when you think of the fact that one usually costs around £7.99 - nearly £8 a pop - you are getting a decent saving for a big collection of toys.

If you are keen on getting the game for your kids check out our review and then nab the game and this deal!

Thanks to Duff24 at HUKD!


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