Pirates Hunt for Blackbeards Booty [Wii] £5.99 @ Shop To

pirates Arrrr. Yo, ho ho and a bottle of formula [rum]! Fancy a sweet little Wii game to enjoy with your kids over the Easter holidays? Here is a title that may well keep the little ones out from under your feet so you can nab a snooze or two yourself and it’s only £5.99!

Just as a heads up, before we dive into the cheap games, these seem to be selling like hotcakes so get there quickly before they sell out! Although I have noticed that they say they will send them as soon as they have more stock, so you pay the low price but just have a bit of a wait if you’re too late.

All the games are centred on pirate themes and play wonderfully with the Wii controls. These include sword fights, Squidball Sabotage which is croquet with a pirate twist, Row Row Row for your Life as one person rows while the other shoots them with a cannon.pirates2

It’s team playing, family bonding fun that will keep you all busy as the days grow longer and (hopefully) warmer.

Thanks to andywedge at HUKD!

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