Giveaway of the Day - Kid Savvy PC

Giveaway of the Day - Kid Savvy PC

Kid SavvyGiveaway of the day are, well, giving away a copy of Kid Savvy PC and it’s something parents of older kids should not be without. If your children indulge in any form of online activity then you can’t take the risk of them getting caught up by anything unsavoury.

This software will protect your children from unsafe websites and comes pre-loaded with many web links and activities so that they can be entertained without risk. This kind of software also protects the parents. You really don’t want to discover that they’ve accidentally installed a virus on the home PC.

Kid Savvy PC helps kids to develop their computer skills while surfing kid-safe websites and engaging in educational activities. You can unleash them safe in the knowledge that your computer won’t be utterly destroyed at the end of it. And that they haven’t been affected by any unsuitable content. Kid Savvy2

As technology becomes an increasingly essential tool in modern society it’s important to let our children learn as much as they can about using it properly and effectively. Starting out with good quality free software like this is the right way forward.

The offer ends at midnight tonight so quickly get your copy!

Thanks to pinkmelonsmr2 at HUKD!


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