Free Portable Movie Player After £39 Spend @ Neat Ideas

13 July 2010

dvd Ok, this is a deal that’s REALLY sparked my interest. We do a lot of driving around as a family because the rest of our family lives all over the UK, this means that we also endure a lot of moaning and frustration from our strapped-in tot. We are desperate for one of these! And here it costs only £39, well it doesn’t, but it does. Bear with me...

So this is how it works. If you spend £39 or more online with Neat Ideas (they offer free delivery over £30 too so that’s an added bonus) then you will get this free portable movie player. It takes up to 8GB SD cards, supports all sorts of photo and video formats and has a seven inch colour LCD screen.

dvd2It includes a car charger, a set of earphones, webbing and car headrest straps. Awesome! So what can you buy from the site to make up that £39? Well, here are some ideas. You can stock up on paper supplies for your office, sort out your ink cartridges for your printer (we are always running out of ink), get Sat Nav, office furniture and much more.

Thanks to 1616french at HUKD!

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