Fisher-Price Kid Tough Digital Camera £29.99 @ Argos

Fisher-Price Kid Tough Digital Camera £29.99 @ Argos


I've always been quite fascinated by digital cameras that have been designed specifically for kids. They look like they could be so much fun and give kids hours of creative entertainment. This particular digital camera by Fisher-Price has been marked down to £29.99 at Argos and looks to be quite a good deal.

However, in as much that I am fascinated by these creations, I am also a bit suspicious. We bought a Budz digital camera for my daughter and it was probably the biggest waste of money on the planet. It barely works, it doesn't take a decent photo and it eats batteries. We tried it once and then left it to moulder in a corner.

The Fisher-Price digital camera for kids is a lot more expensive than Budz and I haven't had a chance to play with it, so I can't tell you if it is worth the expense. You can nab one in either pink or blue and it has sturdy dual hand grips and big buttons for little hands. The preview screen shows the image instantly, it stores 1000+ images with 128MB of memory and needs four AA batteries.

Thanks to ramnee at HUKD!


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