7 inch Portable DVD Player £50 @ ASDA

5 November 2010


The holidays are coming and with them lots and lots of travel. Whether you’re off to visit friends in far flung places, or staying in Blighty and driving off to the rellies, you’re guaranteed some long waits and long drives. What better way to keep the kids entertained than with this ace portable DVD player from ASDA for only £50.

The portable DVD player comes with headphones, a remote control, a car charger, a door charger (I had no idea such things existed!), and a carry case. It has a battery life of around 2.5 hours so you’ll definitely have to keep it plugged in if you’re travelling a long way.

It does have a built-in speaker if you want to share it between two tots but it doesn’t say how loudly it plays. This could be a potential issue in the car or train where there is a lot of external noise. I would also be interested to know how long the cable is for in-car charging.

Still, £50 is a good price for a portable DVD player so if you’re on the market for one, here you go!

Thanks to arcangel111 at HUKD!

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